Shimano Open Round 6 Vallecitos, Mendoza, Argentina

Fresh off the plane from Ecuador,  I hit the ground running in Mendoza, Argentina.  Up into the Andes for the 6th round of the 2013 Shimano Open Latin American DH Cup!  

The course was in a place I know very well, Vallecitos.  I have hiked all over the mountains up in the Andes near Vallecitos but all the while I never thought it would be possible to build downhill mountain bike race course there.  The ground is 90 percent rock, big rocks..  

The course was burly to say the least but that didn't slow any of the competitors down.  The riders are very familiar with the rocks and handled them like champions, pinning through the course with finese..  

As for every race on this Latin American circuit, the asado, huge BBQ at the end of the race is immenent.  It was a great way to spend my birthday weekend!


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