Filming for "Where the Trails Ends", on home turf on the Fraser River!

The wheels were turning once again and Freeride Entertainment's search for new, un-ridden, huge terrain had led us to a destination that would be the most isolated and extreme of all the destinations in the film.  The ironic part is, it's the closest to most of our homes!, right here in B.C.

After a week on the phone with D and Dustin Lindgren from Freeride, I managed to get a massive pile of gear built in my yard in Williams Lake, my home and the last town before we disapear into the wilderness.  I rounded up full first aid gear, and the makings of a full kitchen from a friend of a friend who runs a local tree planting company, Dynamic Reforestation, awesome guys. 

People might not realize how much food, water, fuel, etc etc, 20 guys in a camp in the middle of nowhere for 10 days may need, us included.  Once we made the list of what each person would require every day, it seemed impossible that we would even be able to bring all of that with us.  Then I got the call saying Doug Green of Cariboo Jet boat Adventures would be our man.. Done, Doug and I go way back, and as soon as I heard he would be taking us down the river and staying with us the whole time, I knew this trip would be the trip of a lifetime, and not to mention, the GIANT jetboat he has, there would be no problem packing in whatever we needed. 


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