Once again January has snuck up on me and the Dakar Rally Raid has arrived.  This year I will travel to the Argentine province of San Juan to a particularily fast section of rocky dry river bed, guaranteed to give us a show!

The temperatures in San Juan were in the high 40's (Celcius) and in the semi arid desert of this part of Argentina, there is NO shade.  As we waited patiently for the first of the motorbikes to come through we thought we were going to dry up and instantaneously combust in the heat..  But once Cyril Despres, almost always the leading racer int he Dakar, came through, we soon forgot about the heat and got caught up in the incredible rally addrenaline as bike and bike, car after car and truck after truck came SHREDDING through.  

The energy of the crowds in Argentina around rallies is like no other..They are rally fanatics, from grandmas in chairs screaming from the sidelines to the young kids that run alongside the vehicles as they go by, their energy is un-paralled.

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