This years Rally Raid streeked across the continent of Argentina with an energy that seemed to me, more intense than years previous.  

I got up at the crack of dawn the morning the rally would come through the dunes of Nihuil, Mendoza, Argentina, close to where I have my winter home.  I would be shooting photographs and writing a short article for Canadian Biker Magazine on this years rally.

I loaded up the dirt bike on the trailer and headed for the spot where I knew there would be chaos!

At about 9 in the morning the army close off the road so I knew I had to get in there early.  

The section of the days race that I had chose is in the dunes.  It is a section where the dunes are really high and they drop off surprisingly in sections, there are no land marks and there are giant grass clumps that speckle the sand, quite hazardous!  It was only the second race day since the rally had left Buenos Aires so I was pretty excited to see the racers come through with FULL energy, this fresh in the rally raid!



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